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These pages are written for the Amiga. For this reason, and to keep everything a bit clearer, the technical details and explanations are specifically presented and explained in terms of the Amiga. Nothing more, nothing less.

Basically, the Amiga computer, like all other computer also, have resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors. These components are partially combined into larger ICs, and then give the known logic gates, special ICs and a very significant extent the amiga own Custom-Chips. In addition there are memory components in volatile and solid form and a CPU. All this is held by a circuit board mechanically and electrically connected.
To be able to work with a computer, corresponding signals via connectors must exchange data with external devices. The special properties of the surrounding housing are not limited to pure protection against dust and cola. With it, the parts merge into a whole, often including the user.
Finally, the computer still life in the form of electricity is breathed by power supplies and operating software. The result is then entered as 'Spirit of Amiga' in the history.


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