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Important !

Better listen! : the original electrolytic smd-capacitors and the accumulator must be removed immediately !!

 old accumulators and e-smd-caps, remove them right away!

affected devices (f.e.):

  • all that have an accumulator: remove right away!
  • SMD-Amigas: A600, A1200, A4000(T), CD32
  • especially the A3000
  • Addon: CDTV-Controller
  • Accelerator-Cards: A3630, A3640, Apollo 1260
  • some floppy-drives
  • most of the radial- and axial-e-caps

see list of → all devices


helpful pages to

(if the above pages are not available please look at the de-section)

Last modified: 2018/08/10 01:39